Solve your biggest problem and test an idea
in just 5 days

We are The Ladder, the innovators community and social enterprise in Dublin, Galway and Limerick. We provide an innovation service for businesses and non-profit organisations in Ireland.

Whether you are a not for-profit or corporation the message is the same - just the price is different. We scale impact. We'll either help you directly scale impact or train you to do it yourself.

Community services
Corporate services


The Ladder is a social enterprise that helps nations reach Sustainable Development Goals targets by 2030.

Big idea

We give non-profit organisations and communities the same frameworks that technology companies use to scale globally. The Ladder runs direct action workshops called 'Sprints’ to target a specific problem, ideate, develop solutions, prototype and test with real users. All in 6 days.

Our structured approach saves months of effort working on the wrong problem and gives actionable data. This way, communities acquire innovation skills and non-profit organisations develop proven solutions to real problems.

Social impact

As a community of 800+ innovators and 9 non-profits, The Ladder is the fastest growing and the largest design sprint network globally. Contact our team to discuss how you can become a local leader and scale impact in your country. If you’re a non-profit organisation, charity or a social enterprise, let’s start a conversation about your participation at the Ladder sprints.


Our corporate services include facilitation of design sprints and product development, sprint facilitator training and certification, online academy. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you implement strategic initiatives with more clarity and confidence.

How community works

We facilitate multiple project groups that help local nonprofit organisations, charities and social enterprises solve problems over 6 weeks. Each project group is made of 1-2 non-profit executives, 5-10 professionals with skills in design, marketing, analytics and 2 facilitators. Each project group works together for 6 evenings which is called “a sprint”.

How sprint works

Day 1 - Problem Discovery
Day 2 - Solution Discovery
Day 3 - Storyboarding
Day 4 - Prototyping
Day 5 - User Testing
Day 6 - Insights & Next Steps

Who we help

Our social impact network includes ElderHomeShare, Urban Farm, VMM, InformaTV, MotherTongues, Self Organised Architecture, WaytoB, The Impacter, Migrants Rights Centre of Ireland, and more. Come back here every month to see the growing list of our partners.

How we help professionals innovate

There is only one real way to learn the innovation skills - by doing - so you will solve a real problem with a local non-profit using skills you already have (and they need) in a structure we provide through 'Sprint' over 6 weeks.

You will learn how to define, ideate, prototype and test any idea using, the fastest and cheapest way possible. Validate your idea before spending significant money, time and resources using the most rigorous, proven - and innovative approach available today.

Not only will you be learning, you'll be contributing directly to a real local cause as well as helping The Ladder reach its goal - getting nations to reach the global sustainable development goals by 2030 by scaling impact for local organisations.

We'll guide you along the way with a professional facilitator to ensure you can run your own design sprint a with tips on how you can incorporate these techniques in unique ways within your team and organization.   

The outcome is that you will be a Design Sprint Practitioner- ready to try your own idea with a sprint as well as getting inside a real non-profit or charity and helping.

Services for corporations

The Ladder has a proven track record of solving problems for small and medium sized enterprises. Perhaps we can help you solve your problems?

We provide paid-for services to corporations, including:

·         Problem definition

·         Sprint facilitation

·         On-location sprint training

We would be happy to demonstrate how we can add value to your organisation.  Contact us and we can arrange a meeting or call.


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